Fumihito Shimizu



 Fumihito was born in Kushiro Hokkaido. Just Fumihito’s presence alone changes the mood on the stage. His expressions using his entire body are speechless. His own performances, as a guest solo dancer, exhibit a borderless genre.  His sensitive movements and passion are accented by his long legs and arms. He dances lightly, but his sudden, bold moves are like a sharp knife. Unrestricted is the best description of his performance style and physical prowess. He was chosen to Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artist 2009, he also received 1st prize at Tokyo Web National Dance Competition. Please visit or see him on youtube:


Eriko Tokura Murray

Soprano Singer

Tetsuro Konishi


(Improviser, Art Director, Composer) Those are just a few of the titles of Tetsuroh. He is a producer of arts and events for several educational programs. Tetsuroh is a board member of The Conference of Music and Dance Japan, and he is also a journalist for the monthlies Music World and Brass Tribe.  He has composed music for dance performances in Canada, USA, Korea, as well as in Japan. These compositions won him very high critic reviews in the media. He has also performed as a trumpeter in Germany and England with numerous musicians. His contributions to the music has earned him the respect from the field as well as the fans. He composed them music for NHK TV and Radio program and he contributed theory to book "ONGAKUNOTOMOSHA Co..Ltd ".  He received awards from Tokyowondersite, Tokyo Experimental Festival, and 2nd prize from Art and Science section in Obunsha competition. To see more about this incredible artist: