Voice & Body Release Exercise is a Japanese exercise program similar to Yoga which increases the body and soul vitality through a gentle movement and stretching regime combined with dynamic breathing exercises. It takes energy from heaven and earth, circulates it through the body with breathing and gentle stretches, releasing stress and negativity out of the body and mind.  This exercise was constructed for singing. The breath control exercise  acts to purify body and soul as it clarifies the mind. Voice & Body release exercise can be called a therapeutic exercise as its movements are just like self massage. The exercise was created through the combination of Japanese energy treatment (Reiki) and vocal therapy.  It is made to release the tension from all parts of the body, making them flexible as it increases the bodies constitution and opens the mind. 


This exercise is good not only for singers but also anyone looking to strengthening the spirit and body .  In Japan these breathing and stretching exercises are particularly used by the elderly to maintain vitality, women and men for exercise and flexibility and children for calming the spirit and centering the mind. 


Eriko is the Voice & Body Release Exercise  Founder and Instructor. 


She began studying Japanese traditional dance (Onoe ryu), singing from an early age.  She is a Reiki practitioner (6th generation) and followed Jikyoujyutsu exercise (shoden).  I created this new modern exercise  through her physical movement training, Reiki energy work and her singing experience centering on vocalization.


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